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The SCI Health Toolkit App

Helpful digital tools to manage your health

The SCI Health Toolkit app provides you with a set of digital tools to help you manage your health from your device, anytime.

The app works as your digital toolkit while this Health Maintenance Tool website gives you with the knowledge and strategies you need to understand and manage your health.

Download the app to your device from the App store to start using the tools today.

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Tools and features

Easy to access information

Having easy access to your digital tools and information on your device, allows you to continue with your normal routines.

Whether going to work, visiting friends or going out, you can complete your diary or check if you have a problem using the app. When visiting your healthcare professional or receiving care, you also have immediate access to your most up to date personalised Care Plan, on your device.

Your health diaries in your pocket

The SCI Health Toolkit app provides you with a diary in your pocket, for each of the key areas of your health provided in this Health Maintenance Tool.  

You can quickly and easily track and monitor key bodily functions and activities using the interactive and simple to use diaries.

Your personalised health diaries provide you and your healthcare professionals with a good understanding of your health routine and helps to identify any changes, patterns or specific problems. When visiting your healthcare professionals you have access to your diaries, can download them and share them. This information is important to understanding how best to manage the problem. 

Your personalised Care Plan

Your personalised Care Plan provides carers and healthcare professionals with a summary of your current health and care needs. 

Having your most up to date care information with you at all times, will ensure you can receive the care you need.  One of the most common issues with Care Plans is not having the most up to date information, where and when you need it.  The digital Care Plan gives you the opportunity to update it any time and keeps your current care needs accessible to download and share with your carers and healthcare professionals whenever you need them.

Perform a Quick Health Check anywhere, any time

Health problems can happen at any time. 

If you are experiencing an issue while you are out or even at home, being able to do a Quick Health Check using the automated tool on the app, helps you to quickly find out what action you need to take.

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