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This Quick Health Check is an automated tool that asks a few simple questions to help you to quickly identify a problem, how severe the problem is and how much it interferes with your life. Your ratings on the severity and interference scales are combined to choose a recommended management pathway and care plan. You can access a recommended care plan for a common problem that you will find useful in self-managing your problem. The care plan can also be used as a way to promote collaborative (shared care) management of a problem with the support from your healthcare professional, including your GP. 

Please note, the Quick Health Check tool is used for one problem at a time. If you are experiencing more than one problem, this step can be repeated as many times as needed. 

You are strongly encouraged to download the SCI Health Toolkit app to use an interactive version of the Quick Health Check, where you can auto-fill information and modify or add further details as required, as well as share your care plan with your healthcare professional (via email). 

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