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Keeping a Bowel Diary will provide you and your healthcare professionals with a good understanding of your bowel routine and factors affecting it to be able to manage it better.

Adequate fluid intake along with a good diet are essential components of any bowel program. Keeping a Fluid Diary will help you and your healthcare professionals to know whether you are drinking enough fluids. For example, if you don’t drink enough water, your intestine draws water from your food waste, making your stools very hard and difficult to pass.

It is recommended that you complete the diary for a minimum of 14 days to identify any pattern or trend. If completing the bladder and bowel diary, you only need to collect information on fluid intake once.

You can download editable pdf version of the diary or create a digital diary on your device using the SCI Health Toolkit app.

Please note: Diaries must be downloaded to be completed – they cannot be filled in online

The SCI Health Toolkit App

The SCI Health Toolkit app provides you with a bladder and fluid diary in your pocket, along with all of the other diaries available on The Health Maintenance Toolkit website.

You can quickly and easily track and monitor key bodily functions and activities using the interactive and simple to use diaries.

SCI Health Toolkit app showing diary on screen