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Autonomic dysreflexia resources

Further reading

Autonomic dysreflexia: What you should know (18 pages)

Medical emergency autonomic dysreflexia card (1 page)

Useful resources for people living with spinal cord injury and medical professionals

Acute management of autonomic dysreflexia: individuals with spinal cord injury presenting to health-care facilities (40 pages)

Treatment of autonomic dysreflexia for adults and adolescents with spinal cord injuries (18 pages)

Treatment algorithm for autonomic dysreflexia (hypertensive crisis) in spinal cord injury (1 page)


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Understanding Autonomic Dysreflexia (2 minutes)

NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation Video Presentations on Autonomic Dysreflexia

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Part 1: What is AD (5 minutes)

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Part 2: Causes of AD (2 minutes)

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Part 3: Pathophysiology of AD (2 minutes)

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Part 4: Signs and Symptoms of AD (1 minute)

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Part 5: Management of AD (9 minutes)

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Part 6: Prevention of AD (3 minutes)